Sunday Oct, 26 2014
My thoughts about the new Joomla! structure proposal

I will borrow the introduction sentence from Roberto; if you are reading this article then you probably know exactly what it's all about. Otherwise I should most likely envy you ;)

Disclaimer: Although I am one of the OSM directors everything I have written below is solely mine and only my personal opinion.

Before explaining to you what I think about this proposal I would like to thank all those people that were involved in its creation. I really appreciate the work and time you put in this. I especially would like to thank those people from the team that are responding in a civilised way to criticisms of this proposal. I can imagine how hard it can be. I have also no doubt that all intentions behind this proposal are genuine and honest.

I have to also admit my personal failure and apologise for it: I should have read this proposal much earlier and stated my concerns much clearer perhaps.

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