Saturday Dec, 13 2014
Automatic screenshots upload to SeaFile

As you probably know, I am a big fan of SeaFile. I like to have my data in cloud. It is very convenient. What I don't like is to share my private data with other people. Or companies. I just like to have a control over my data. So some time ago I was researching some alternative to Dropbox and after few tries I found SeaFile to be the most suitable for all my needs.
There are hoverer two task I was still using Dropbox for. One of these were the nice ability to automatically upload recently taken screenshot to the Dropbox and quickly share it. This is really nice feature.
Recently Brian Teeman wrote an article about taking screenshots to share online.
This article is very interesting and if you are looking for an easy to deploy solution for it you should definitely read it. But Brian's solution just wouldn't fit exactly to my workflow so I created my own.

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