The Samsung's apparent 2 years warranty

I'm big fan of Android so immediately after the first real Android tablet appeared in Germany I didn't hesitate to buy one.

Ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 probably as one of the first clients at Amazon and few days later I had it, shiny new Galaxy Tab with the newest Android version at that time. 

The first few weeks I was happy with it. Unfortunately with the time the display of this device started to behave a bit strange. Every time the tablet was exposed to a minor temperature's fluctuation the display got a rainbow alike stains in the middle of it. 

The first time I realised it was in 2011 at the Joomla! Day Germany. You can see at this picture that at that time it wasn't even that big but with the time it got worse.

I started to search a bit in Internet and found out that I'm not the only one with this problem, so Samsung is actually quite aware of this issue.

I know, I should had reported it to Samsung ASAP, but beside the fact that in the meantime I already relied on this device, it is always a big problem because to send a device to repair, as you have to delete all your data from the device and later when it returns, to restore all data back, so it is a bit annoying situation. So I haven't.

But at some point the problem becomes more and more disturbing, so I called the Samsung hotline. The first shock was an advice of the guy who told me, I should not mention the fact about temperature fluctuation because the warranty wouldn't cover it. It was astonishing for me as the device has a particular operational temperature and should behave normally within this range. It's not like I was keeping the tab in my refrigerator and then using it outside in hot sun. And just to be clear, it was used always within the given operational temperature (5°C und 35°C). He also told me, as this problem was not a persistent one, they cannot do anything. Admittedly he gave me a good advice to take some pictures when it appears again and then report this problem again.

Some time later I was able to depict this problem and then reported it via the ticket system at the Samsung website. I waited 24 hours. Nothing happened so I reported it again, waited another 24 hours and nothing happened again. As the ticket system unfortunately does not send a confirmation email I wasn't even sure if the ticket has been stored in their database.

So I called the hotline again and was able to successfully report this issue. I got a confirmation email with instructions how should I proceed.

And now really strange things happened.

August 20 I tried to take some better pictures of the damage with the Lytro camera. But these were not better than these pictures I took before so I decided to send them the old pictures. I packed the tablet.

August 21 I brought the parcel to the post and sent it to the "dat repair GmbH" which seems to be a Samsung partner.

August 22 The tablet arrives at service (DHL Tracker). The company has a Reparation Status checker on their website and they claim to update these information 4 times each day. However for the following 2 days this system reported "unknown device". What happened in this time to the tablet?

August 24

09:41 - I wrote an email to the company to find out what is going on.

15:26 - I got an "Reparation Status" email from them in which they inform me that the device's status is a "total loss" (sic!) and that this device has been sent back to me.

15:40 - I called the company to ask what the hell this means. They explained to me that this Tablet has a mechanical damage aside of the charging socket and therefore the display cannot be repaired. As I told him that I'm pretty sure that it hadn't any other damages, he just told me that they have pictures.

16:15 - Got another email with response to my "what's going on" email in which they just inform me that it has been sent back.


August 25 Tablet arrived back and has indeed a small partial damage close to the charging socket.


So what's the case now?


First at all, with the tablet they sent also a printed report about the procedure including these pictures they took.

You can clearly see the damage close to the charging socket. Right?



No? Well, I cannot see anything as well.

Second: as I wrote before I took a picture at August 20 with the Lytro camera. It was the day I packed it. I haven't photographed deliberately the socket as this wasn't the problem but I think you can see that there is no damage in this region.



Of course I cannot be entirely certain that this device was fully ok as I've sent it to Samsung's partner.
Or let's say, I cannot prove it for 100%.


You can see how it looks now.


The funny thing is that the damage is actually a small break in the plastic case above the connector. The connector itself is fully ok. The case it's not even broken through and the whole Tablet is fully operational, including the charging functionality.
Where the hell is this a total loss??!!


Third, and this is the most important question I think, even if there was another damage which has nothing to do with the display, why for Gods' sake Samsung refuses to repair the display?

When you has a car with warranty and then something is wrong with the engine, a car manufacturer wouldn't refuse to repair it just because you had a small car accident before in which the driver's door was slightly damaged.

I'm not going to follow this case any longer because I don't have time nor desire for it. And as I wrote before, I cannot prove that this device was ok as I sent it to Samsung's partner.


Just for Samsung information, we have at the moment a Samsung TV, 2 Samsung printers, a Samsung mobile phone and two Samsung tablets. And you can be sure guys, it was the last device manufactured by Samsung we ever bought.


Aside of this issue there is another thing which pisses me off for some time now. I bought an expensive tablet and I was really hoping for an update to Android 4 soon. In the meantime you can buy an Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with Android 4, if I'm not wrong you can even buy the old Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 4 but there is still no upgrade for existing users.

Wish you luck dear Samsung with this attitude for your clients. I have already bought an iPad and so far I'm very happy with is. Just pity for Google and Android.

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