Ice Bucket Challenge

I personally think that the ice bucket challenge is bad idea. Well not exactly. The idea itself isn't that bad. What bothers me a bit that people are doing advertising for this particular organisation.

So I am perfectly fine with putting a ice-cold water on your head, donating money for a good cause and urging other people to do the same. I just think people should be a bit more responsible in doing such things.

For once, ALS is not very common disease and there is a lot of money put on research of it already. It may sound cruel but why we are not trying to donate to AIDS, Cancer or heart diseases charities. Just a side note, Stephen Hawking is for me one of the biggest minds in human's history and I wish he wouldn't suffer from ALS.

But what is much more important for me, I think many people would describe the ALS Association as a fraud. By the way, did you know that they seriously tried to register the ice bucket challenge as their trademark?

So long story short, the idea is good, just the particular charity isn't. And I think that we have actually more deadly diseases, killing much more people every year than this one to worry about. But these charities caring about all these deadly diseases are unfortunately not getting that much attention.

On the other hand I see also a lot of people attacking the idea. One of reasons is the fact that we are wasting a drink water and people in other countries suffering from lack of clean water.

Well please don't get me wrong but we are urinating and defecating every day into clean, drink water. I know that people "there" suffering because from lack of clean water but let be serious, if we stop wasting our clean water "here" it doesn't mean that "they" will have more clean water "there"

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