Which file do I have to modify?

One of the most common asked questions; in which file and which line do I have to modify the code to add this or that.

And no, I'm not going to answer such kind of questions (in most cases)

Let me explain why:

a) If you want to modify a complex software you should be a developer

b) Our software follows a very common development patterns

c) If you were a developer you would know these patterns

d) If you would know these pattern you should know in which file you should search for the particular functionality

e) But you don't. So you're not a developer

f) If you're not a developer you are going to screw something probably

g) Guess whose fault it would be if you screw it?


Another reason why I'm not going to answer this kind of question is the following: if you modify, or rather hack, our code, you are most likely not going to update it later because it would override your code. And, not to mention the security aspect, it would be, sooner or later, a support nightmare. 

And a side note: I'm really sick of comments like "it cannot be that hard", "it would be just a few minutes for you". It is just insulting.

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