An unfair "game"

Let's imagine there is a honest game, but one of the players is apparently cheating... 

Yes, let's us do this. Imagine we are playing a honest and fair game. But one of the player is a cheater. You know it for sure. No, wait. Stop. You suspect that he is cheating. You suspect because under these circumstances it is simply impossible that this guy has so much luck. 

It is, statisticaly not possible. But, well, you cannot prove it without breaking the rules of the game. 

So what is the situation?  You suffer, your game friends suffering as well.

So what would you do?

What I'm talking about? About unfair developers and the JED team. You know that I'm the one who suffer because of such cheaters. But let us think about this for a moment. If you were one of the JED team members, what would you do?

The sad truth is, you cannot do anything. 

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