Monday Sep, 01 2014
Ice Bucket Challenge

I personally think that the ice bucket challenge is bad idea. Well not exactly. The idea itself isn't that bad. What bothers me a bit that people are doing advertising for this particular organisation.

Monday Aug, 25 2014
No way

There is no way around it.
Deep and dark like a sadness.

Tuesday Feb, 26 2013
Und plötzlich ist es ein Bio-Skandal

Zitat aus der FAZ: "In Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern sollen mindestens 150 Betriebe mehr Hennen als erlaubt gehalten haben - darunter konventionelle- und Bio-Betriebe, solche mit Gruppenkäfig-, Boden- wie auch Freilandhaltung. Im Fall der Bio-Eier wären diese zu Unrecht als solche verkauft worden"  

Saturday Oct, 20 2012
An unfair "game"

Let's imagine there is a honest game, but one of the players is apparently cheating... 

Saturday Sep, 15 2012
The bright site

I tend to complain a lot so just for a contrast: my life is great.

Sunday Sep, 02 2012
The Samsung's apparent 2 years warranty

I'm big fan of Android so immediately after the first real Android tablet appeared in Germany I didn't hesitate to buy one.

Ordered the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 probably as one of the first clients at Amazon and few days later I had it, shiny new Galaxy Tab with the newest Android version at that time. 

The first few weeks I was happy with it. Unfortunately with the time the display of this device started to behave a bit strange. Every time the tablet was exposed to a minor temperature's fluctuation the display got a rainbow alike stains in the middle of it. 

Thursday Aug, 23 2012
Weird Apple’s updates


Monday Apr, 23 2012
An Insider Joke

A dialog between my darling and me:

Me: What would you like to drink: a juice or a tee?

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