Monday Nov, 22 2010
FreeBSD my impressions after one month

After the latest release of Ububntu (10.10) I was just quite disappointed of it because lot of things suddenly stopped to work the right way. So I just started to search for some alternative. Then I just tried to become a bit familiar with FreeBSD and PC-BSD.

Well, it's more than one month now since that time and here I am. I would like to share my impressions about it.

Tuesday Sep, 28 2010
Three reasons to have a good day

Here are my three reasons why this is a good day for me:

Thursday Sep, 23 2010
First Test Entry

Can I use SobiPro as a blog component? With Sobi2 it was possible without "core hacks" but it the handling was a bit difficult. Let's see how it works with SobiPro ...

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