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So we finally made it and we are sitting in the plane. If you are following me at social media you probably know that it wasn’t that easy. But now I am looking forward to see my home. 24 hours later than it was actually planned. We are somewhere between Houston and Frankfurt and I can’t sleep. I barely can sleep when flying. Not to mention that it's 5:30 in Europe (most of it) and this is the time when I am usually waking up.


I am returning from the Joomla! World Conference in Cancun and trying to recap this event. It was a great event, as almost every Joomla! related event to me. I missed some very good friends but I also made some new.

The venue was really great and because of it also painful. It was somehow hard to sit in all those leadership meetings and later in great sessions when you know that there is an ocean outside and summer weather.
That said, I was unfortunately able to swim in the ocean only once in the entire week. The social media team meeting was hold whilst a lunch break. You can imagine how tight our schedule was.

I really like however our leadership summits. I always had the feeling that these meetings are really helpful for deescalation of any conflicts. It’s not like we are fighting with each other on the daily basis in the leadership but as we all are trying to do the best for the project and not everyone wants to follow one path, some discussions are sometimes a bit hot. And every time we meet face to face, our discussions are being much more calm and we are able to squash all tensions between us.

Joomla! Leadership TeamJoomla! Leadership Team in Cancun

The organisation team did a really good job organising this event and I am very thankful to them for that. One more time, huge thanks. I am glad that we were able to bring so many great people through the JET programme to this conference. I am pretty sure it was worth any effort and money and the community will profit from they participation (if not already) sooner or later.

Most exciting part of the conference for me was the Joomla! Ignite session. As soon as it has been uploaded to YouTube, you should definitely take a look at it. I really love the format of this session and it was also great to see some great speakers that I would probably never guess before that that’s what they are - great speakers. Almost every of these short presentations was unbelievable good and powerful. I think this empowered many community members to try to share their love for Joomla!. I deeply believe that this session has a bright future and I can imagine we will see more and more new faces participating in those sessions in the future.

Overall the whole conference was organised very professionally. We had a lot of great keynotes and sessions. As I wrote before, I wasn’t able to spent much time enjoying the venue because I wanted to attend the conference. Because it simply was worth it. A huge thanks to the organisers for all the work, time and efforts they spent on organising this event. Well done people. Really well done.

JWC14 Attendees Joomla! World Conference - Attendees

As much as I am very happy about the outcome of this event there are two things that won’t allow me to enjoy it fully. Or actually two people, Michael Babker and Roberto Segura. You probably know that both are leaving the leadership team. I really hope that they are just leaving the PLT and not the community because I couldn’t imagine Joomla! without these two guys anymore.

Anyway I am still thinking a lot about this and I am coming to the same conclusion some other community members expressed before. Michael and Roberto are leaving the team and I see a lot of people from the community thanking them for great service and awesome job and I can’t stop thinking how many times we thanked them before we knew that they are going to leave? How many times are we expressing our gratitude for other volunteers doing their job in the community? Or are we just assuming that if someone just joined a team then it is her/his job to do this and that’s it!
I have to wonder how many good people we possibly lost in the past just because nobody was able to value their efforts and work. Well not even this, we may value their work and efforts and time but we just keep forgetting to tell them this. And then we are waking up first when they are burned out and are going to leave.

I have to wonder how many people we could prevent from leaving with a simple “thank you” from time to time. What do you think about it?

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