Thursday Nov, 13 2014
Joomla! World Conference 2014 and ...

So we finally made it and we are sitting in the plane. If you are following me at social media you probably know that it wasn’t that easy. But now I am looking forward to see my home. 24 hours later than it was actually planned. We are somewhere between Houston and Frankfurt and I can’t sleep. I barely can sleep when flying. Not to mention that it's 5:30 in Europe (most of it) and this is the time when I am usually waking up.


Sunday Oct, 26 2014
My thoughts about the new Joomla! structure proposal

I will borrow the introduction sentence from Roberto; if you are reading this article then you probably know exactly what it's all about. Otherwise I should most likely envy you ;)

Disclaimer: Although I am one of the OSM directors everything I have written below is solely mine and only my personal opinion.

Before explaining to you what I think about this proposal I would like to thank all those people that were involved in its creation. I really appreciate the work and time you put in this. I especially would like to thank those people from the team that are responding in a civilised way to criticisms of this proposal. I can imagine how hard it can be. I have also no doubt that all intentions behind this proposal are genuine and honest.

I have to also admit my personal failure and apologise for it: I should have read this proposal much earlier and stated my concerns much clearer perhaps.

Sunday Sep, 14 2014
The currently discovered bug in VirtueMart is ...

... exactly this, a bug in VirtueMart. Despite the attempts of VM developers to pin this vulnerability to Joomla!, I can assure you, this issue is solely a VirtueMart bug. Nothing more.

I am a bit astonished and disappointed about particular medias reaction and also about VirtueMart efforts to declare that this is Joomla!'s issue. It's not.

Saturday Apr, 05 2014
Joomla! 3.3 Beta 2 has been released

A warning for third party developers

Dear Joomla! extension developers, dear template creators;

You know that Joomla! 3.3 Beta 2 has been released. Do you?
And you installed it already on your dev environment. Have you?
And then you installed all your extensions/templates on Joomla! 3.3. Right?
And you tested everything very extensively. Have you?
And in case you found any issue, you helped Joomla! core developers to fix the issue at least by reporting it. Am I right?

Saturday Sep, 17 2011
WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla/Mambo - The Untrue Story

I'm not saying you can't criticize Joomla! Why should I? Joomla! isn't perfect. Joomla! cannot be perfect because despite the simple fact that nothing can really be perfect, Joomla! is a piece of software and I think everyone knows that software is never bug-free.

Joomla! is a CMS designed to be used for many purposes, and as such, has to satisfy a wide number of people. This is a task that is next to impossible.

That means there are, and always will be, a big number of people that will never be happy using Joomla!
Wordpress and Drupal are playing in the same league, and I'm quite sure that there are a lot of people that are not happy with them either.

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