Sun, Sep 13 13:56

Bee Hive: Radek's Bee Hive
Number of Combs: 10
Visible Stadiums:
  • Eggs
  • Grubs
  • Capped
Number of Drone Frames: 0
Queen: Seen
Queen Cells: No
Foundations Change: +3
Brood Combs Change: +2
Empty Combs Change: +3
Food Combs Change: +2
Honey Super: 0
Initial report after long break. First check-up after we startet feeding the colony. Finally there is a brood. Although as long as there is sugar-syrup they are flying wild in the front of the hive, there is no sign of robbery. All combs are looking good. Lot of food in combs. No sign of fights. No sign of damaged combs.
Picture: thumb_DSC07795
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