Saturday Sep, 17 2011
WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla/Mambo - The Untrue Story

I'm not saying you can't criticize Joomla! Why should I? Joomla! isn't perfect. Joomla! cannot be perfect because despite the simple fact that nothing can really be perfect, Joomla! is a piece of software and I think everyone knows that software is never bug-free.

Joomla! is a CMS designed to be used for many purposes, and as such, has to satisfy a wide number of people. This is a task that is next to impossible.

That means there are, and always will be, a big number of people that will never be happy using Joomla!
Wordpress and Drupal are playing in the same league, and I'm quite sure that there are a lot of people that are not happy with them either.

Monday Nov, 22 2010
FreeBSD my impressions after one month

After the latest release of Ububntu (10.10) I was just quite disappointed of it because lot of things suddenly stopped to work the right way. So I just started to search for some alternative. Then I just tried to become a bit familiar with FreeBSD and PC-BSD.

Well, it's more than one month now since that time and here I am. I would like to share my impressions about it.

Tuesday Sep, 28 2010
Three reasons to have a good day

Here are my three reasons why this is a good day for me:

Thursday Sep, 23 2010
First Test Entry

Can I use SobiPro as a blog component? With Sobi2 it was possible without "core hacks" but it the handling was a bit difficult. Let's see how it works with SobiPro ...

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